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What You Should Do If You've Been Sprayed by a Skunk  -  Skunk Removal Toronto Tips

  Skunks are small animals that forage for food. In particular, they enjoy going through garbage piles in search of easy meals. As a result, they often find their way into the backyards of homeowners in search of food. If you approach or startle a skunk, it might feel threatened and spray you. A skunk has two small ducts located beneath its tail. When the animal feels endangered, it produces a spray from these ducts.

  Warning Signs That a Skunk Is Preparing to Spray 

  Skunks typically meander about on all fours. A skunk that is getting ready to spray stamps its front feet, turns its back toward the intended victim, and lifts its tail. Once you see this behaviour, you are in immediate danger of being sprayed. You should move away quickly to get out of the skunk's spraying range, which is 10 feet. Skunks are accurate with their aim, so moving to one side or the other won't help you to avoid getting sprayed unless you also move at   least 10 feet away from the animal.

  Strategies to Use If You've Been Sprayed by a Skunk 

  If you've been sprayed directly in the face, flush your eyes with clean water as quickly as possible. Skunk spray is extremely irritating to the eyes and causes immediate pain. The irritation diminishes as you rinse your eyes, so you should continue rinsing until the pain is gone. It is important to contact your physician to discuss any remaining medical issues that you are experiencing.

  Remove your clothing, shower, and wash your hair next. Use lots of soap and water to help eliminate the spray and odour. If the odour remains, purchase carbolic soap to use as you shower a second time. Toss your clothes in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.




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 Legendary for their ability to produce a foul-smelling spray, skunks are easy to recognize. Most are about the size of a house cat and black in color. White markings (stripes, swirls, and spots) make it easy to identify that the animal is a skunk. If threatened, a skunk will lift its long, fluffy tail and release an oily spray that smells foul. While this spray isn't harmful, its odor is difficult to remove. It can take several days for the noticeability of the odor to diminish, even with the use of skunk-odor removal products.

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Skunk Removal Toronto -  Removal & Prevention Screening For Lasting Results

  Today's method of removing wildlife from your home is affordable and easy. Pest removal companies complete an inspection of the area in order to determine the entrance and exit locations for the pest's nesting area. If you've watched the skunk entering or exiting from its location, you can provide this information to your skunk removal specialist. Once the proper spot for placement of the one way door or live trap has been determined, we add screen with a 

one way door or the trap is baited and placed. If the skunk has been caught, it is removed by your wildlife control specialist and taken to a predetermined drop-off spot. You might need to repeat this process if the animal has not been trapped during the first event. The one way door with prevention screening is the best & most cost effective method to use. This way you get a permanent solution which should stop wildlife like raccoons, opossums, squirrels and skunks.



  The best way to handle a skunk infestation is to hire a company specializing in skunk control and removal. Not only will these wildlife control specialists have the proper equipment, but they'll also know how to avoid being sprayed by the skunks! Since they have the skills and tools needed to remove a skunk safely and successfully, it just makes sense to request their services. In fact, local ordinances might prevent you from removing the skunk on your own.
 Most skunk removals are accomplished through the use and installation of prevention screening, blocking the animal out of its burrow. Live cage traps are another way to get rid of a nuisance skunk. Once captured, the skunk is relocated at least one kilomete from your residence. 


 If a skunk has decided to live in your yard, it's most likely nesting in an existing animal burrow, underneath your deck or patio, or in a rarely used shed. No matter where the skunk has decided to hang out, you'll have to watch your children and pets to make sure that they don't startle the skunk. Otherwise, the skunk is going to release its spray, aiming it at the person or animal who got too close.
  Skunks are notorious foragers, digging at the ground in search of their next meal. They enjoy eating a variety of plants and fruits, as well as small reptiles, insects, and tiny mammals. 


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Strategies to Use If Your Pet Has Been Sprayed by a Skunk 

While your first instinct might be to wash your pet using tomato juice, this strategy doesn't remove the odour. Call your veterinarian to see what treatment is recommended. Alternatively, you can try one of the odour-removal solutions available at pet stores.

Strategies to Use for Items That Have Been Sprayed 

If the items that have been sprayed are easily replaced, you might just want to throw them away. It is difficult to eliminate the odour from  certain materials that absorb the spray completely. Initially, you should mop up any liquid that hasn't been absorbed. Next, you can use a diluted solution of white vinegar or ammonia to try and eliminate the odour. Diluted bleach can also be used on certain types of items that won't lose their colouring. Be sure to complete a colour test first to determine whether or not it is safe to use the solution that you've chosen on each item.

If you are sprayed by a skunk, you should shower immediately, paying particular attention to your eyes. Contact your  veterinarian if your pet has been sprayed to find out what you should do. If any of the spray has gotten onto furniture, handbags, or some other item, you can attempt to remove residual odour using a solution that contains diluted bleach, ammonia, or white vinegar. Most importantly, learn to watch for warning signs; if you can't avoid the skunk, you at least can avoid getting sprayed.
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Tips to Prevent Skunk Visitors 

  If you want to avoid unwanted wildlife like

skunks, raccoons & squirrels from making your property their home,

just follow each of these tips: 

 Install barriers beneath all decks and patios 
Throw away fruit that has fallen from trees if you have any 
Remove nests and burrows made by other animals
Trim tree branches & clean eavestroughs annually
Avoid providing shelters for wildlife 


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